Totally pc

On a radio show this morning they were discussing new politically correct terms for certain groups of the population. Like how blind people prefer to be called visually impaired. Then someone came up with a new pc term for the gay population: Rectal Recreationalists... That totally cracked me up! I can't wait to see this term pop up in slash fiction!
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I just received my copy of 'Marley and me' today. I've only just flicked through the pictures inside the book and just reading the captions is making me teary-eyed. Lord knows what a sobbing mess I'm going to be once I've actually finished the book! :)
Also... I need chocolate!


I've just cried my eyes out watching the film Hachi; a dog's story with Richard Gere. If you're a dog lover, you should see this film. It's so beautiful and sad and inspiring. I just love it. Now I want to cry some more...
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Well, my contract at work was extended for another year which I'm very happy about! It'll mean being able to save up some more money and being able to go on a few more John trips next year... hopefully! :) I was thinking about taking a trip to London this august to see Hair but I don't think I will. Better save some money for all the merchandise I'll be buying in October... I can't wait!
It's still very hot and they're predicting temps up to 34° on friday. That's going to be hell!
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It was so hot today! I don't do well in hot. :) So I hid inside and lazed around for most of the day. It's the perfect way to spend a sunday in my opnion.
England got trashed by Germany in the World Cup. You've got to feel sorry for them. I wonder what kind of reception they'll get back home...
I've just pre-ordered the first season of Glee on dvd. It shows that it pays to shop around. I managed to save 15 euros just by checking out different sites. My bank account is grateful.
I want a vacation!
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I've just been watching the match between Nicolas Mahdou and John Isner. They started their match yesterday and had to stop at 2-2. They continued with the 5th set today which lasted 7(!) hours and still isn't finished! They had to stop again at 59-59 because it was getting too dark to continue. So they're going to have to finish this tomorrow... The match has lasted 10 hours so far, the longest match ever. They're breaking all kinds of records. I don't know how they do it, they must be shattered by now! This has been so amazing! :)
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My JB paperback book came today! It's got some nice new pics in it and a new chapter which I'm about to read. And then there's the exciting news that his concert at the Royal Albert Hall will be filmed. OMG, I'm gonna be on a concert dvd! I'm so excited!!! :D
A 104 days to go, not that I'm counting or anything...


Hallelujah, Wimbledon is upon us again! Us Belgians are doing great! Four are already through to the second round. I've been watching the Rochus/Djokovic match for the last three hours. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep but will they take pitty on me? Of course not, they have to take it all the way to a fifth set! I'm going to be seriously pissed if Olivier ends up losing after all this. Keep your fingers crossed!
Oh and while your at it, keep them crossed so that my JB paperback arrives tomorrow! :)